HDFC Sales Representative -Jaipur
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1Scoping / Survey
•          Undertake survey & identify areas – villages / wards having potential SHGs
•          Minimum number of clients in a particular village / ward is very critical for viability of operations. MFIs Competition, risk exposure and credit appetite shall be the basis for identification of village / ward for client acquisition.
•          Inputting of survey results & data compilation
2Client Acquisition & Financial Literacy
•          Collection of clients’ profile & assessment of clients in line with the bank’s policies
•          Explain them the product features and convince them to have relationship with HDFC Bank Ltd
•          Explain the process of account opening & the features of SB accounts held with HDFC Bank Ltd
•          Create baseline information about the SHG & individual members of SHG
3Account Opening
•          Visit the place of clients and confirm the existence of individuals of SHG
•          Help the RM in collecting KYC documents from individual members of SHG
•          Preparation of Photo ID card for SHG
•          Issuance of SHG Photo ID Card
•          Assist RM in submission of AOD for account opening
•          Ensure delivery of welcome kit and CUG ATM Card
4Loan Appraisal & Documentation
•          Complete credit rating as per the bank’s rating tool to assess the loan eligibility
•          Collect necessary documents and submit the same to credit for approval
•          Collect data / information for SHG CAM Preparation thru LOS
•          Data entry in LOS & CAM preparation
•          Organize the group for credit visit / rating validation by credit
•          Post receipt of approval from credit, complete loan documentation
•          Cross validation thru tele-calling
5Credit Counseling & Loan Disbursement
•          Organize the group for disbursement & ensure attendance of all the members
•          Explain the terms and conditions of loan contract
6Monthly Call Visit
•          Attend SHG monthly meeting at the place of SHG
•          Complete call visit report and submit it to approvers for noting&updation
•          Collect monthly EMI either thru POS or thru branch and ensure OTR
•          Do regular follow up and recover dues from delinquent accounts
8Value Added Services
•          Assess training requirement / capacity building requirement and facilitate such events
•          Extend market linkage and other livelihood promotional services to the clients as when required
•          Enroll eligible individuals under life insurance scheme and provide post enrollment services

  1. Minimum qualification 10+2


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