In shop Demonstrator- Hathras
Posted by Radford Global Ltd. - radford, 2 years, 5 months ago.

Facilitate customer delight through dry demonstrations, explaining Features and Benefits and providing experiential engagement to the customers thereby enabling tertiary sales within the shop, dealer counters, modern retail and company shops.  Further this role would help consistently improve the brand recall and standing as well as help in creating value for the Sales function of Appliances Business

-       Support execution of events and promotional activities at show room level as per event calendar.
-       Support implementation of visual merchandising and engaging policies decided by the marketing department to generate footfalls.
Ensure product placement to increase visibility by building rapport with dealer
-       Take customer feedback for the products and product experience.
-       Provide proactive information to Appliance team on the performance and feedback of the products from the showroom.
-       Ensure all feedback is well documented and proper follow up is done internally to close the queries.

Candidate should be from telecom/mobile insurance background with 1-2 yrs of exp. 
- Good english speaking skills.


Uttar Pradesh

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